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 Party Manifesto

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The Bastards of Liberty Manifesto
(Props to Joe DaSmoe -- last edited Aug 7th 2012 by Emperor Rick)

Brothers & Sisters, welcome home, welcome to the Bastards of Liberty.

The Bastards of Liberty Party (here after the BOL) is a grouping of players who aim to change the power structure of eRepublik. The goals of our organization are simple ones and can be achieved through party unity and consolidated effort from party brothers.

1. Our number one goal, rise to become a new powerful influence in eRepublik.

For far too long, the administration of our nation has been dominated by the same group of established players. It takes a coordinated group of people to run a country as large and powerful as the United States. Our purpose is to grow ourselves into a position where we can begin to oust the entrenched group who has ran our country for a long time to their own benefit. We will rise to power and take back America, opening the door for newer players who wish to take their eRepublik experience to the next level. We will work hard to ensure that new voices have the opportunity to achieve greatness in the game.

2. Every brother of the BOL has a voice here.

This party is formed around the fact that we are all brothers. Each and every one of us has an equal voice and say in what direction we will move our party. The game of eRepublik is ever-changing. Our freedom of speech here is what will allow us to morph and adapt to the changes that find their way to the game.

3. We aim to fight for a fairer system of government in the United States.

We feel as a party that the interest of our new citizens needs to have spark and fire from their very first day here. The BOL hopes to grow in power and begin to evolve the power structure of the United States into on that is more inclusive and opportunistic for newer, eager and passionate players. We aim to do this by taking the power out of the hands of those who have entrenched themselves in the current power group and used that group for their own personal gain. Every month, no matter who is President, it is more or less the same players who hold key positions in our government. We will take that power back.

4. Consolidation and Cooperation of smaller parties.

The BOL will work side by side with other "sixth" parties (and even the top 5) in order to help protect one another from political take over attempts. As we grow in power and size, the entrenched parties of the US may begin to fear us and seek to undermine the efforts of our party and those like us. We will attempt to unify smaller parties, as new parties rising to the top is the only way to change the current system.

5. We take care of our own.

As a party we will stand up for our members and help to support and further the goals and interests of those who we are proud to call brothers. A member of the BOL is your bother, your ally, your friend. We will stand up for each other when the insular cliques of self-styled "power brokers" try to bash our goals and ideas without regard to their merit. We will be a united front and support our brothers in the eye of public scrutiny.

That is it, 5 simple core ideas which will define our general goal and direction as a party. Welcome to the future brothers. Together, We will rise to greatness.

Party Structure

Cabinet Positions*

Party President (PP) - The leader of the Brotherhood. Oversees the day to day operations of the BOL. Political voice of the party, oversees nominations, follows the advice of the members majority - sometimes via polls.

Vice Party President (VPP)- Assists the PP and serves as party president in the event of an extended absence.

Head of Militia (HOM) - Cabinet representative of the Sons of Liberty, appointed by the militia in accordance with the SoL Charter. Decides where the militia is needed to fight and follows up on troops concerns. Also runs the commune. The HOM must be a member of the BoL.

Elections Director (ED) - Responsible for election strategy, coordinating Congress candidate placement, coordinating and directing mobile voters and blockers. Secondary responsibility is to ensure party procedures are followed for PP elections.

Recruiting and Retention Director (RRD) - Responsible for coordinating all recruiting efforts and working with the elected Member Representative on retention matters, including efforts to increase member activity and resolve member concerns and conflicts.

Party Liaison (PL) - Responsible for inter-party relations and keeping party leadership informed of significant events happening in other parties. May assist in candidate placement and voter coordination if necessary

Treasury Secretary (TS) - Head of the 1st National Bastard Bank. Tasked with holding and recording party funds and transactions. Also oversees all programs run by the BoL Treasury, as designated by the PP.

Public Relations / Media (PR) - Responsible for the public image of the BOL via the media. Tasked with writing about current issues and concerns and the BOL's viewpoint on said issues.

Member Representatives (MR) - Elected monthly by the party. Will represent the party as a whole and helps with any minor problems. He/she is also to keep the membership list updated consistently.

*Subject to approval by the PP, any Cabinet member may at any time appoint or remove a deputy or deputies to assist with the Cabinet member's responsibilities.

Party President Election Process

In order to run as Party President, a party brother will have to win an inter-party primary held on the BoL forums. (Held on the 11th through 13th each month) Any brother can be nominated and the primary will be determined by a simple majority vote. Once the winner has been decided the remaining losers must resign their candidacy ingame and support the nominee. The Party President then fills the above positions in the party and starts the poll for the Member Representative.

President Endorsement

In order to be endorsed for PoTUS, an individual will have to request our support and win an inter-party primary held on the BoL forums. (Held the final 3 days of the month and ending the 1st of the following month before the POTUS election). Late candidates are permitted to join until the conclusion of the primary poll after which the primary is final. Polls must always include a "No Endorsement" option, and In the event of a tie there will be a run off election with the two highest candidates for 24 hours. Votes are permitted to be changed until the results are final.

Any changes (additions or subtractions) will prompt a re-shouting of the link.

Current Party Liaison

Party Founder Smile
Previous VP of the US
Previous Party President (many, many times)
Previous Arizona Congressman
Previous Ambassador to Venezuela
Previous Secretary of Education (US)
Previous Super Ambassador to Canada

Party Manifesto JD
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Party Manifesto
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