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 What is Pfeifferism

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What is Pfeifferism Empty
PostSubject: What is Pfeifferism   What is Pfeifferism EmptyWed Jul 04, 2012 6:48 am

I wonder how many hate comments ill get now? Last time i did an article on elitism Princefigs blew a load all over the place.

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Who or What are Pfeifferists?

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The word 'Peifferist' is simply the new name for 'elitist' in eRepublik
There is a misconception that Pfeifferists are all friends with Henry Arundel (aka James S. Pfeiffer), or work to further the goals of some kind of illuminati. When in reality one could hate Henry Arundel and still be correctly labeled as a Peifferist.

The application of the term has evolved quite a bit
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Historically individuals were labeled as an elitist for their sense of entitlement to control government and run it as they saw fit, parallel with its real world application. This eventually expanded to include a social clique of players that were perceived as corrupt, powerful, and untouchable. Through the history of eRepublik there have been different variations and definitions of who an elitist was. More recently it covers the USWP leadership, elements within the AMP, PoTUS & Cabinet members, certain revolving door members of Congress and various individuals with cult like personality disorders.

Henry Arundel became the poster boy of elitism and the root reason why so many citizens are fed up with ingame politics due to his immature behavior in the eUS forums. More importantly however the refusal of moderation by the forum admins against Henry because of his standing among them, and the refusal by government officials to replace or do anything about his enablers. This further reinforced the standing belief that the status quo leadership of the country is corrupt because these issues can be parallel'd elsewhere.

The term Peifferist was developed to identify those who behaved like Henry Arundel and to target their supporting clique of players that enable them. We want accountability, a leveled playing field, and a sense of fairness that all players are entitled too. Not a different set of rules for depending on who you're friends with.

enablers are just as guilty, It's time to detoxify America.

Vote Glove for President
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“It's discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.” ― Noël Coward, Blithe Spirit
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What is Pfeifferism
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